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Est. 1999

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Since its inception in 1999, Mobile Productions has brought its spectacular entertainment to events across Ontario. From concept to creation our entire portfolio has been designed to provide you with peace of mind that Mobile Productions will execute a professional, creative and tailored entertainment experience at your next event.


Entertainment Redefined

By continually executing a diverse music selection, utilizing a broad portfolio of spectacular designs and providing you with an unforgettable entertainment experience, we allow you to explore and discover how truly amazing your event deserves to be.


Our Clients

Each year we work with a limited number of clients who seek out and demand the highest level of entertainment, value and signature services. If you believe that your entertainment will play a significant role in the success of your event, we want to create something spectacular with you. We think that you will love working with us!!


"Average" Just Isn't Us

There are no ABC packages, Silver, Gold or Platinum levels. Be different, be creative and create memories. Don't be bound by others limitations and outdated standards. Have an idea, need a solution or just want to create something iconic, we can make it happen.


Music Is Our Passion

To make people forget what life is handing them at the moment and just escape, for a little while. Take them on a musical journey and bring back the nostalgia of a time that they loved the most. The instant reaction to certain tracks and the amazing vibes different genres create, the reward and energy it brings, there is nothing else quite like it.

The Talent


From concept to creation, the team at Mobile Productions strives to set a new standard in private event entertainment. Our dedication and devotion to the industry, can be witnessed every time we meet with a client or perform at an event. By continually executing a world class production, utilizing a diverse musical selection and presenting a polished microphone presence, Mobile Productions has established a brand known for excellence, professionalism, and most of all creating memories.

Just A Little


"Matthew Beauchamp is one of our favorite DJ's to have on Carib101 Radio! His talent is second to none and he knows how to fuse all genres into his own masterpiece!"
Grant Browning
CEO of Carib 101 & Toronto Caribbean Newspaper

"We’ve been so impressed with Matthew’s work that we’ve featured him in articles in our own publications to inspire other lighting designers.”
Joe Fucini
Chauvet Professional Public Relations

"The most important thing that I can say about your work is that the dance floor was packed all night long"

Clive Caldwell
CEO Cambridge Group of Clubs

"You are truly talented at what you do. Thank you for bringing so much fun and energy to our day"
Jocelyn & Jeff
A MPDJs Wedding Experience

We completely trusted Matthew’s expertise and we sure are glad we did because it made such a difference in the overall guest experience.
Chanele & Chris
A MPDJs Wedding Experience

Your service was above and beyond Matthew. You took care of my clients from the very beginning, ensuring that everything was just right. We are all impressed with your organization, event direction and personalized service!
Astra Dwyer
On Your Day Events